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DIY Tartan

The DIY Tartan kits have been created using the Tartan Alphabet Machine, and have been designed to allow people to create their own tartans, using their name or a meaningful series of words to generate the tartan pattern. They can select a size for the tartan to be printed at and the number of pattern repeats to include in their print (1, 2 or 3). They can then choose their own colour scheme and medium to finish the tartan print however they please.


It is hoped that by interacting with the machine, the very straightforward set of unique rules to follow that is given to each word or phrase enables anybody to create something completely unique and meaningful to them.

Packaged kit, including an A4 or A3 giclee print for colouring in, printed on 200gsm cartridge paper, instructions and a test sheet.

Contact to buy.

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