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Half Year Studio is a Glasgow based design studio run by David Ross. To collaborate or commission, please contact.


David's interests surround environmentally responsible materials and methods of production, the combination of digital and craft methodologies, the democratisation of design, and the importance of interior design to the creation and expression of self-identity.


David enjoys finding and exploring connections between interior design and other subjects, taking a less serious, irreverent approach, using surreal narratives and humour to investigate these connections. He uses experimentation as a method of learning, employing both analogue and digital methods to investigate materials, forms and functions. He wishes to achieve designs which are fun, engaging and environmentally responsible.

Originally graduating from The Glasgow School of Art with an undergraduate MEng in Product Design Engineering, David then worked in design for several years in Glasgow, Leipzig and Rotterdam. In 2011 he co-founded Glasgow-based design community Analogue Social, assisting in the organising of design events across Scotland. He followed an interest in materials, working for three years with a sustainable timber supplier in the Highlands. In 2020 David returned to The Glasgow School of Art, attending the MDes Interior Design programme, passing with distinction and receiving the Chairman's Medal for top postgraduate student from the School of Design.

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