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Weather Riso Prints

These prints were developed from 2019 weather data from collected at Glasgow Airport.

Each square of this air-pressure mesh represents a single day from the year 2019. Using daily temperature data, each square was exploded vertically from the landscape and given an opacity. Like a sail, captured by the wind’s daily speed and direction, these airborne squares expanded and rotated accordingly.

Every day of rain, sleet, snow or hail was given a spherical raindrop. The more that fell, the larger its size and deeper the colour. The temperature of each day and strongest gust of wind blew the spheres into the air. Sunshine data was not used. Unsurprisingly, this particular data was not available for Glasgow.

A3 two colour (metallic gold and fluorescent pink) riso print. Printed on 80gsm Steel Grey paper.

A4 three colour (fluorescent pink, mint and sunflower) riso print. Printed on 170gsm natural paper

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