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Quilt Bot

Quilt Bot is a web application which takes a user uploaded image as an input, generating from this an abstracted version of the image in the form of a patchwork pattern. The patchwork pattern can then be used to craft a patchwork quilt at home. The project explores the use of a ‘Digital Collaborator’ – the Quilt Bot app – to assist an ‘Analogue Collaborator’ – the human crafter – in the creation of personal and unique objects for the domestic interior. The quilts which are made from the Quilt Bot pattern generator exploit the benefits of patchwork craft (material reuse, use of fabrics which host memory), whilst building upon it through the inclusion of an image significant to the Analogue Collaborator.


Quilt Bot helps to encourage the creation of domestic objects which are expressions of their inhabitants and perhaps their relationships to others, and as such are valued over and above their physical, material being. It is hoped that apps like the Quilt Bot can encourage the learning of new skills and the development of material intelligence - a material understanding of the world which can empower making and repair - heightening the value perceived in material objects and resulting in the desire and ability look after these objects. Repairing when damaged, passing on through generations and reducing the negative environmental impact of the creation of new objects.

Quilt Bot will launch at the Glasgow Print Fair 4/11/2023. Until then you can visit the Quilt Bot here - Quilt Bot - but orders can't be placed.

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