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Glasgow Heritage Prints

Riso prints inspired by the architectural and design heritage of Glasgow. The AGT print was inspired by an Alexander "Greek" Thomson tenement in Govanhill. MMS was inspired by the work of Margaret Macdonald, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and James Salmon Jnr. The IRON print took inspiration from the ornamental ironwork bandstands, shelters and fountains seen throughout Glasgow, produced by the likes of the Saracen Foundry.


To produce the prints, patterns were developed then manipulated using scripting, with information from a photograph of blonde sandstone (the type used on Thomson's tenement) as a modifying input to the script. The script decayed the pattern, mirroring the weathering process seen on the buildings which were studied during the project. 


Print Details:
Three colour A3 riso prints (with metallic gold used on the IRON print) on 250gsm natural paper.


Edition of 30


Card Details:

Three colour A6 riso printed greetings cards

Four cards produced for each pattern type.

To buy the prints and cards, you can contact me directly, or find them in various design shops across Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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