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Digital Design
Craft Fabrication

Recognising the increasing uptake of domestic craft activities seen during the COVID pandemic lockdowns, and the need driven by climate change to reconsider the materials we use and our relationships to the objects we surround ourselves with, this project proposes a series of interior objects to be crafted in and for the domestic environment, using waste material and other environmentally responsible materials.


Craft within two contrasting areas of Scotland (Glasgow and Argyll) formed the basis for the project research, with interviews and observation of craft practitioners working in these areas conducted. Both analogue and digital methods were employed to process, manipulate and experiment with the data collected, and through this, new interior objects of domestic craft have been proposed. The forms of the proposed objects speak directly of the processes through which they have developed, highlighting the wider environmental connections of the objects.


Hand crafting objects for your own domestic environment results in objects valued on many levels. From valuing simply for the enjoyment of making or the ability to create something useful, to valuing these crafted objects’ ability to store memories or to express self-identity through their creation and display. In creating interior objects which are highly valued, their future responsible use is secured.

Sewing Machine in Domestic Environment
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Information is extracted from soundscapes created of the relevant crafts to suggest new patterns which are representative of the processes through which the crafted objects are to be made.

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